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The Daily Create: Audio & Video (#ds106)

The Daily Create 11:   Record a video of you reciting a tongue twister in one take (honor system of course)

The Daily Create 12:   Create a 30 seconds “Breaking News” update about something that happened to you today (Sorry about the sound quality, still trying to get the settings in Livestream right).


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First week’s assignment is to explain and discuss what is happening technically when setting up my domain, webhost and blog.  I know that when I register a ‘unique’ text-based domain name it will, with help from some TCP/IP protocols, be changed into a number-based IP address to identify the website location on a nameserver supplied by a webhost.  If you host your own server you need a static IP address and some database knowledge, but luckily you can create a free blog on a web server that includes open source blogging software, i.e. WordPress or Blogger.  You can also pay a domain name registrar to get your own domain, which allow domain pointing to your web hosting space. 

I’m acting as webmaster for several company web pages, but within education and teaching I have always encouraged free services and software.  My blog on wordpress.com has some restriction on ‘Third-Party Applications’, but automatically handles spam and updates.  This mean I can focus on the content! 

During ds106 I’ve created a sub domain called ds106.educatorprophet.com, which gives me freedom to develop more advanced assignments.