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During my next visit to “The Stone Bridge” (Skalnia Most) I will complete route number 1 “Step by Step” with the official grade 5a.


Deep Water Soloing is a social activity with center of attention on several summer festivals. Tombstoning (…or jumping off cliffs) is also common and the jump itself can be broken down into three parts, the launch, mid air and water entry. You start from smaller jumps to learn how you and your body react and can then progress!


DWS in Northern Bulgaria

Tyulenovo is a small village on the seaside that has developed to a Hot-Spot for DWS (deep water soloing) in Bulgaria. The area is a part of Kamen Briag (Stony Coast) which can be described as wild, beautiful cliffs and utterly unspoiled. The routes are not too extreme, graded mostly between 6c and 7a with the highest point about 16 meters.

I organize ‘Climbing Tours’ all summer and in the beginning of August there will be a ‘DWS Festival’ held on the North coast of the Black Sea. Join the fun!

The Peak District

This is a slideshow from my trip to ‘The Peak District” in 2009:

Deep Water Soloing

Deep Water Soloing is also known as ‘Psicobloc’, is a form of rock climbing practiced on coastal cliffs with an area of deep water to protect against injury. It is also known as Water Bouldering in some countries.  This is a rapidly growing sport that really has very little to do with physical strength.  The use of the right climbing technique involves the combination of body posture, movement, or hold used in climbing.  You must be a really good swimmer so you can be strong enough to counteract the waves and swim to a safer place.

Below is the grading system, or the “S” grades for Deep Water Soloing:

  • S0 – Safe Solo. This has an area of deep water.
  • S1 – Pretty safe. Watch out for boulders and water depths.
  • S2 – Not quite safe. Recommended during high tide. Pick a landing spot carefully.
  • S3 – Dangerous. You will fall on shallow water which will make your fall painful.

Life in The Black Sea

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This slide show contains some underwater photos from the Black Sea.