This picture summarizes my professional career.  I started with my qualifications Environmental Chemistry and Marine Biology, then I worked as a teacher and specialized in CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) and finally I ended up as a property developer in Bulgaria.  At the moment I’m involved as Education Reseacher, Business Development Coach, Web Developer and working with Real Estate & Travel in Bulgaria.  

Learning Research:

My first introduction to digital content in knowledge development was during ‘Selection and Organization of Content in Learning’ and the topic for my graduate thesis in education was ‘The Use of Computers in the Upper Secondary School’.  Didactics became my passion with main focus on how experimenting and observing creates new ways of thinking.

  I then accepted a teaching position at an innovative School with aim on implementation of digital learning environments.  It involved much more than putting a laptop into the hands of each student and soon my interest turned to how knowledge was transferred in teamwork and peer-to-peer collaboration.  Inspired of the area of ‘Computer Supported Collaborative Learning’ (CSCL), I enrolled in ‘ICT, Learning and Education’.  During this program I got the opportunity to study Learning Processes, Organization of Development and Educational Perspectives on Scientific Theory and Method.

  I’m now about to fulfill my Master of Arts and Social Science in ‘Adult Learning and Global Change’ at Linkoping University.  This research project is the final part following the studies of ‘Locating oneself in Global Learning’, ‘Adult Learning: Perspectives and Contexts’, ‘Work and Learning’, ‘Fostering Learning in Practice’, ‘Global/Local’ and ‘Understanding Research’.

  My personal journey started with discerning and transfer of knowledge among students.   I’m now ready to undertake the task how digital content can be shared and reused among in‑service practitioners

Web Developer:

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