Month08 Insights:

  • Sensemaking, wayfinding, networks, and analytics (George Siemens)
  • Scholars’ participation and practices online (George Veletsianos)
  • Digital Identities and Subjectivities (Bonnie Stewart)
  • Change in formal education systems (Terry Anderson)

Month08 Thoughts:

This Month following artifacts illustrate my learning:

Facilitating and organizing ‘The Use of Web Tools in Networked Learning’ on P2PU:  In education the tools we use for learning are many times limited to outdated textbooks, static courses and classrooms available at set times in a specific location.  Our knowledge is merely seen as something we store and evaluate on merits or application in tests.  This course will give you the ability to envision a new future based on the use of Web Tools in a Networked Learning scenario.  You will engage with instructional tools for creating, delivering and managing your learning resources in an innovative way.  The final task will be to create a Screencast Tutorial that demonstrate your skills as a Networked Teacher.  The experience from this course will turn into a multi-levelled badges program awarded from peer to peer evaluation

Staring up next ‘School of Ed’ study group ‘ePortfolios for Teachers’ on P2PU:  Looking at online portfolios for teachers – A group to explore th e use and development of online portfolios as a personal learning tool for teachers. The purpose of this group is to explore the use and development of online portfolios as a personal learning tool for teachers.  Together as a group, we hope to:

  • Discuss the uses of eportfolios as a professional development tool for teachers
  • Look at different tools for assembling an eportfolio 
  • To begin thinking about and/or building your own eportfolio (optional)

 Starting up ‘Syndicated Education in Distribured Learning Environments’ on P2PU:  Become an Advanced Networked Teacher [#ANT12] – In education schools create coherence based on ‘Conceptual Orientation’ (i.e. sense making) illustrating how theories and knowledge are related.  Following the emerging trend of Distributed Learning Environments used in Networked Learning, teachers also need to include ‘Spatial Orientation’ (i.e. way finding) to answer questions like: Where do I find useful Learning Resources (i.e. salience)?  How are these resources interconnected (i.e. pattern recognition)?  What is the underlying message (i.e. trajectory)?

Month08 Questions:

(Under Construction)