Month07 Insights:

  • Understanding Digital Citizenship (Alec Couros)
  • Who needs leadership? Social problems, change and education futures (Marti Cleveland-Innes)
  • Digital support for teaching as a design science (Diana Laurillard) 

Month07 Thoughts:

This Month following artifacts illustrate my learning:

Challenge Creators Badge Awarded to me in ‘How to Make a Challenge’:  Understand the learning theory behind a P2PU Challenge and make your first one…with a little help from your peers!  If you are looking to connect with others interested in teaching similar topics, get feedback on your design and understand the learning theory behind Challenges, then go ahead and start your first task! Requirements:  More than 3 peers – by an average rating higher than 3 – have said that the Challenge you created was fun, the titles were clear and simple and the learning goals easy to understand.

 WikiBuddy in the WikiMaster program on WikiEducator:  A WikiBuddy (Green) has acquired the skills to become an active member of our peer-based, development community. A WikiBuddy pairs with other WikiEducators to provide help and support using our communication tools and educational elements in the wiki. 

Month07 Questions:

(Under Construction)