Month06 Insights:

  • Slow Learning (Geetha Narayanans)
  • Knowledge, Learning and Community: Elements of Effective Learning (Stephen Downes)
  • Myths of Teaching and Learning and Technology (Antonio Vantaggiato)

Month06 Thoughts:

This Month following artifacts illustrate my learning: 

Interviewed in the MOOC blog calander One Change a Day :  “A Blog Project Reflecting Educational Change Around the World. As thousands of people are choosing to learn through massive open online courses in and around the web, this blog will tell a story of how new ways of connecting with each other online are irreversibly changing education.” 

Co-facilitator for week 2 in ‘Empower your own personal learning as an educator’ at P2PU:  Taking control of your personal learning is an important 21st century skill – for students and for educators. In this group, we’ll explore new ways to empower your own professional learning and how to get started.  (This will be followed up by more advanced courses, the topics of which will be developed by this group.)

Month06 Questions:

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