Month04 Insights:

  • [How] can [using] the web [intelligently] make us smarter? (Howard Rheingold)
  • The 21st Century University (Valerie Irvine, Jillianne Code and Dave Snowden)

Month04 Thoughts:

These fragmented quotes and comments will soon find coherence:

Failure is better than success in learning, it’s easier to remember

There’s too much focus on specialization and a loss of generalists needed for synthesizing diverse knowledge bases in a complex world with high levels of uncertainty.

The problem with the education system is that we’re training recipe book users when we need chefs.

When asked what to do about this practically when the current education system inherently requires pre-defined outcomes thereby eliminating originality, he said:

“deception is the heart of innovation in any system.”

The human brain is a pattern processing intelligence… it has evolved from messy coherence not structured order.

Starvation, pressure, and .perspective shift produce innovation which then produces creativity

If it’s a complex problem, then bring in multiply diverse teams with ritual dissent to produce multiply parallel safe-to-fail experiments.  Managers fail if half of the experiments aren’t failing.

“cynical stories around the water coolers produce the most learning in organizations”

Month04 Questions:

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