I have participated as a non-credit student in ‘ECI831 Fall 2011’ and one outcome of this course is to develop a ‘Major Digital Project’ related to technology in teaching and learning. My idea was to demonstrate how teachers can create a digital representation of their experience and reflections with help from online tools.

Project Description:
I have made a Webzine called “The Educator Prophet” mainly with the tools Issuu and Pixlr.  The idea was a spin-off from the magic newspaper “The Daily Prophet” in J. K. Rowlings books ‘Harry Potter’.  Where there are talking and moving images that interact with the reader.  Another main thought was to use free ‘open learning’ tools that will be available over time.  Basically the work I’ve done is a collage with images and text, similar to a mind map.  The online picture editor allow you to grab sources from the web add comments and then I can, in the tool for publicizing, add links to sources or reference material.  The images can be re-used in presentations or lessons and the PDF-format can be downloaded or distributed with Slideshare.  For the more advanced user an online demonstration can be done in LiveStream and the recording can then be uploaded to YouTube.  During the session the participants can join the back-log with the use of a hash-tag on Twitter and when watching the recording anyone can add their comments.

Final Project Reflections:
I wanted to stimulate creativity and take away the focus from the technology, but in my case I was definitely stuck in time consuming technology. The shared Dropbox folder was good to create instant access to ideas and saved images. Then the voice-over was edited with Audacity and I’m going to make ‘clickable’ recordings in the Issuu presentation that was collected during the online seminars.  The second edition of “The Educator Prophet” will hopefully be easier to put together.  It will be reflections on George Siemens presentation “Sensemaking and Wayfinding in Complex Information Environments”, Stephen Downes “The Role of Educator in a Networked World”  and the Wrap-up of EC&I 831