In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale “The Princess and the Pea”, a princess is unable to get a good night’s sleep because a pea has been placed under her 20 mattresses piled high.

Today there is no excuse to not choose an ergonomic mattress, designed to conform to the spine’s natural curves and to keep the spine in alignment when you lay down.  A normal mattress does not sufficiently adjust to your body and lead to bad blood circulation and numb arms.  Tests have shown that an ergonomic mattress will allow 25% more ‘deep sleep’ than a standard mattress.

My mattress is a bit outdated, but still in good condition and I decided to go for a top mattress that provide the orthopaedic and anatomic properties of new materials and technologies.  The main core consists of 8 cm of POLYFLEX foam with wavy surface, high density (30 kg/m3) and elasticity.  This model has an outer cover of the Belgian jacquard fabric DESLEE CLAMA, lined with anti allergic wadding of silicone, and quilted with SPUN BOND non-woven fabric.  The wave like geometry of the core ensures comfort, while helping the relaxation of the muscles and the blood circulation.  The structure of multitude of open cells of the mattress, allows it to “breathe” guaranteeing maximal air permeability and the air circulation prevents overheating.  The mattress can be reversed by season – a softer winter side envelops sleepers and a firmer summer side lets sleepers rest on top of the mattress covers for a cooler, more refreshing sleep.