Initial Insights:
I have changed my digital identity from being an ‘Innovative Teacher’ to also become an ‘Education Coach’.  I’m aiming to share my experience on facilitating teachers open online learning and in my new blog called ‘EduToolkit’.  This will also be the name of a ‘Peer-2-Peer’ course in ‘Teachers Open Online Learning for Professional Development’. I will also ‘Feed Forward’ the knowledge acquired in the webzineEducator Prophet’.

When I get asked to evaluate the learning outcome, two metaphors become useful. Practice will develop strength, similar to muscle growth during training, but before you practice you must know and understand intellectually what has to be done. Our knowledge is often described as complex and emergent and the way forward is to navigate the discourse, similar to riding a wave

Initial Thoughts:
My struggle involves finding the balance between ‘Practice & Reflection’ and ‘Model & Demonstrate’ and my main focus is on how I will become a node that creates learning resources for teacher’s open online learning.  On the personal side I’ve used information technology successfully for a long time and am now facing the challenge to develop ‘Expert Skills’ in Social Media & Open Education.  I have already started to collect some examples of rubrics to measure skills:
1. Rubric for Language Skills
2. Rubric for Martial Arts
The idea is that participants in the P2PU courseEduToolkit’ will receive ‘Badges‘ as recognition for their achievements.

Initial Questions:
How can I ‘Model & Demonstrate’ my ideas of ‘Networked Learning’?
What is ‘Expert Skills’ in Social Media & Open Education?
How do we evaluate learning outcomes?
What value can ‘Badges’ create for teachers professional development?