I joined the study group on the topic “Online Learning Collaborations”, which is part of the eduMOOC focused on “Online Learning Today…and Tomorrow” coordinated by Ray Schroeder from The Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Topic: Collaboration with Online Tools

Collaborations are facilitated by a variety of on-line tools. The term ‘Social Tools’ can be defined as:

An application that can be accessed via the web or other Internet technology, that can have more than one user present in the same environment (preferably at the same time, but not limited to that). Where the users can create and exchange artefacts with each other and ideally collaborate in the creation and exchanging of theses artefacts (Stephen Downes in the Webinar “Facilitating Social Interactions”)

Please take part in this ‘Social Tools Survey’ and share your reflections with the twitter tag #eduTOOLS!

The questions I’m interested in are:
-In which ways do educators use ‘Social Tools’ to enhance their teaching practices?
-What motivate them to use ‘Social Tools’?
-What prevent them from using ‘Social Tools’?
-How do they consider the impact of using ‘Social Tools’ in their teaching practices?