Trough analytics we make sense of data and after a systematic investigation this will become research. The results show patterns that can be used for prediction, intervention, personalization, and adaptation.

Week11 Insights:
•The participants in the Learning Analytics 2011 Conference defined Learning Analytics as: “the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimising learning and the environments in which it occurs”
•In the commercial arena this would be called Web Analytics and can be defined as “the collection, analysis and reporting of Web site usage by visitors and customers of a web site” in order to “better understand the effeciveness of online initiatives and other changes to the web site in an objective, scientific way through experimentation, testing, and measurement” [McFadden 2005]
Tanya Elias (2011) made the following comparison of analytics frameworks and models:

Week11 Thoughts:
•When we integrate, visualize and analyze data trails there is possible to discover intentions. “Whether people actually realize it or not, they are significantly increasing their personal transparency, it’s all public, and it’s electronically mineable” Mike Fitzgerald – life insurer analyst.
Nova Spivack (2004) called this The Metaweb that is evolving from the convergence of the Web, Social Software and the Semantic Web:

Week11 Questions:
•What are the privacy concerns we will face regarding our online identity or profiles?