Week08 Insights:
•Fast change, quick turn-over and needed critical analysis of knowledge have changed power and authority in our society. The new knowledge society move towards a networked learning approach (PLE) that focuses on personal empowerment and freedom (The 3P Learning Model)
•Worries arise regarding negative effects when ‘production of knowledge’ is in the hands of market forces. Learning becomes a commodity, ‘and like any commodity that is marketed, it becomes scarce’ (Illich 1975: 73) and economic ‘haves’ in the First World is benefiting from their privileges. Oppressed poor people in the third world are in danger of being pushed out as ‘have-nots’ (Paulo Freire).

Week08 Thoughts:
•Traditional gatekeepers influencing press and mass media (top-down) lose power to the ‘Internet Society’ and networks (bottom-up, loose and flexible in nature), due to more complexity. We would like to think individual freedom (based on democracy) can overpower institutional control (with rules and boundaries), but will it be YOU that control your “objective” thoughts? Who raise awareness, lobby for change and predict consequences using rhetoric to influence the outcome?
Photograph: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
•Patrick Wintour wrote in guardian.co.uk that social networking sites are changing children’s brains, resulting in selfish and attention deficient young people.

Week08 Questions:
•What gives people power & authority? If I have connected and participate with a large number of people in my personal blog or have several twitter followers I will have more power over my network. Being at the center of attention will probably also give me authority…