I will soon publish a Video presentation where I investigate ‘Patterns of Connectivity’.  In physics we do X and get the predictable result Y, but neural network (and social network) theory is more like meteorology. You succeed based on modelling and simulation, pattern recognition and interpretation, projection and predicting uncertainty.

I have studied Air Pollution through aerosol distributions and during one scenario we used ‘meteorology maps’ to predict impact of a ‘bio hazard’ accident.


We got some parts right, but suddenly a low-pressure changed direction… It was like predicting weather!

The Point: I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination

Maybe the teacher role will be to show connections and model…
While there are still many educators developing their Digital Literacy and trying to implement Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in their teaching methods, Jeff Utecht (2010) is already promoting the introduction of Networked Literacy:

Networked literacy is what the web is about. It’s about understanding how people and communication networks work. It’s the understanding of how to find information and how to be found. It’s about how to read hyperlinked text articles, and understand the connections that are made when you become “friends” or “follow” someone on a network. It’s the understanding of how to stay safe and how to use the networked knowledge that is the World Wide Web. Networked Literacy is about understanding connections.


Utecht, J. (2010) Are We teaching Networked Literacy, http://www.thethinkingstick.com/are-we-teaching-networked-literacy