This is a two-year master’s degree programme resulting in a Master of Arts and Social Science (60 credits) with a major in Adult Learning.  The design is unique in the sense that four universities in four different continents collaborate. These are based in Sweden (Linköping University), Canada (University of British Columbia), South Africa (University of the Western Cape), and Australia (Monash University).  This award-winning fully online program focuses on the role of adult learning in understanding and responding to globalizing forces and their impacts.


Graduates of the programme will:

  • Learn and teach globally
  • Use global connective technologies
  • Understand knowledge-based societies and the implications for learning
  • Understand globalisation discourses
  • Develop cultural sensibilities and sensitivities
  • Develop an equality perspective to learning, and reframe their own professional practices

I’m joining this final course from the fourth cohort that started the ALGC programme in 2004.  The aim of my research project is on in-service training of Networked Literacy for Teachers.  I will try to investigate different perspectives on course design for a networked society based on Connectivism and Connective Knowledge.