Our German Shepard puppy is four mounths old and has been diagnosed with ‘bursitis’.  This is  an inflammation within a bursa in the elbow of his right back leg.  A bursa is a small sac of fluid are found around joints and it reduces the friction where the ligaments pass over bones.  The inflammation increase production of fluid and it will create a serum filled capsule to help cushion the area.

Bursitis are quite common in the elbow area in large breeds of dogs and are caused by an injury or  from the weight of the dog when lying on hard surfaces.  In our case the puppy’s bones grow faster than the supporting muscles and there is an increased risk that the elbow slips, causing scraping the surface cartilage off the bone. 

Small swellings respond well to drainage, but larger ones need to be removed by a vetrinarian.  Our puppy had the ‘lump’ drained, but when it reoccured he went for surgery.  To reduce infections and prevent growth of E.Coli and Staph aureus bacteria, silver sulfate cream was used after the infected cells were neutralised.  A drain tube was put in to keep the fluid from building back up in the tissues and after three days dead cells will be removed.  Healing happens when blood supply is returned to tissues.